Neumann badge colors

What does the badges on Neumann microphones mean?

Every Neumann microphone’s got a diamond shaped badge with a silver logotype and outlines. The background of the logotype though is in different colors on the different microphones. There are five different colors and every one is actually an indication of what type of microphone it is. 

Neumann microphone badges

Neumann badge colors

  • Purple badge = transistor microphone with transformers
  • Red badge = Transistor microphone without transformers
  • Black badge = Tube microphone
  • Green badge = Dynamic microphone
  • Blue badge = Digital microphone

The exceptions

The reason I said it was an ”indication” is because there are a few exceptions to the rule. The early tlm-170 is a transition badge in purple and is actually a transformerless transistor microphone. The black badge can also be found on very early transistor microphones. Other Neumann gear like our U473 compressor also have this badge but it´s an etched version that don’t indicate more than not being a microphone.

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