TK-audio, BC2-ME mastering compressor

TK-Audio BC2 Mastering Edition

Every mastering facility needs a great stereo compressor with that nice smoothing effect to use as glue for the sound. This compressor is a further development of the G-series compressor made famous by the SSL (solid state logic) company. Apart from the basic features of the SSL G-series the units also offers stepped controls, illuminated switches, switchable output-stage between electronically-balanced or transformer balanced class-A (Carnhill transformers), a THD switch that adds extra harmonics  and a blend control.

TK-Audio BC-2ME & Neumann U473Sound

The compressor adds very smooth compression to the signal (especially in auto release mode) with a impressive ratio of minimum 1,25:1. Because the switchable output stage you can add a more vintage punchy warm sound to the lower mids and bass. The optional THD switch also adds more harmonics (even) to the compressed signal. Because all controls are stepped it is very easy to recall a compressor setting and the blend control offers 23 steps from straight to compressed signal and is excellent to use when you want to preserve those transients and still get that transparent feeling of glue.

All features

  • All rotary controls stepped
  • All push buttons illuminated
  • THD switch
  • Improved VCA circuit
  • True bypass
  • Five HPF frequencies
  • Gain-reduction meter with 20 LED’s
  • Ratio from 1.25:1
  • Threshold -20dB to +20dB 
  • Make-up gain 0 to 10dB
  • switchable Output stage
  • Balanced external side-chain inputs  

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