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18 Jul 2019
Fade out perception

The fade out trick

You have probably stumbled upon the difficult task of a simple fade out (or in) in mastering (and/or mixing). It sounds as if there are high- and a low-pass filters that are slowly closing the frequency spectrum. This got me thinking of other ways to improve the flaws of the fade.

18 Jun 2019
Equal loudness contour

The correlation of sound pressure and frequency

Maybe you have stumbled upon this when mastering (or mixing) to loud or to silent and when adjusting the volume some frequencies has been to exaggerated or subdued. This is because the human hearing isn’t flat. Our perception of sound pressure is different over the frequency spectrum and it differs depending on sound pressure.

12 Apr 2019
Frequency spectrum of bit reduction, dithering and noise shaping

The difference between 16-bit depth and 24-bit depth audio

This is an audio (and visual) visualization of three different bit reduction conversions from 24bit to 16bit audio. With / without dither and noise shaping.

26 Feb 2019
attack time compressor wrong

How the attack time of the compressor actually work

I often hear people describing the attack time of compressors in the completely wrong way. I hear this everywhere, from home studio enthusiasts to professional studio owners and music educators. Maybe it’s just bad communication but I thought that it was worth looking into. 

22 Feb 2019
3M M79 reel to reel

3M M79, studio reel to reel tape machine

We use a 3M M79 mastering magnetic tape recorder in the studio. This example is the reel to reel 2-track version made for mastering with input and output transformers. 

11 Feb 2019

The LANDR eq algorithm

I did some in depth research and testing of the EQ algorithm with the LANDR website and some sinus tones. The tests are made with mp3 quality files but I still believe you can do a relevant reading out of the result, the most relevant reading being the handling of peaks. 

27 Jan 2019
TK-Audio BC-2ME & Neumann U473

TK-audio, BC2-ME mastering compressor

Every mastering facility needs a great stereo/bus compressor with that nice smoothing effect to use as glue for the sound. This compressor is a further development of the G-series compressor made famous by the SSL (solid state logic) company.