Call it Garbo

Call it Garbo
Call It Garbo

Another sad white man with a guitar

Call it Garbo - Another sad white man with a guitar

The album "Another sad white man with a guitar" was mastered in the Spektrum studio in Malmö. The group/artist called "Call it Garbo" wanted the songs optimized for the digital platforms such as Spotify and Tidal.

Call it Garbo is a group/artist from Malmö, Sweden (Sverige) playing smooth acoustic guitar tunes with lap steel and beautiful harmonies. The songs sounds kind of like "The tallest man on earth" but with its own vibe.

01. Sometimes it hurts
02. Things I do for money
03. Harpoon
04. Another sad white man with a guitar
05. Wallflower raindance
06. 360 view of a nightmare
07. Needle holds the thread
08. Kämpa Malmö

The song was recorded by the excellent Hoborec in "The End Studios". Listen to the fantastic album on Spotify or why not contact them on facebook.

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