Desire and her drunks – Denim

Desire and her drunks
Desire and her drunks


Desire and her drunks - Denim

Mastering of the album "Denim" for the band Desire and her drunks, the album is optimized for vinyl, cd and digital release.

Desire and her drunks is an awesome band from Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden playing sprawling in your face punk rock. Desire and her drunks consists of members from HOTET, Skjut dig and Government Abuse. Do you need more bouncy punk for the money, this is where you should look.

01. Memento Mori
02. It's easy
03. Run free
04. Double dead soul
05. My room
06. In between
07. Owls
08. Sweet advice
09. Leaving for eternity

You can listen to "Denim" at Spotify or why not book them at facebook.
The album "Denim" was recorded at Nacksving studios. Released by Luftslott records and Blackvalley records.

Desire and her drunks - Full set (Live)

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