Feedback Freud

Feedback Freud

Lift off

Feedback Freud - Lift off

Mastering of the album "Lift off" for the band Feedback Freud, the song is optimized for the digital platforms Spotify, Youtube and vinyl.

Feedback Freud is a Umeå based band that plays Psycho-Pop-Rock in a fun, gnarly and energic way.

01. Ridin'
02. Kick it
03. Indie Love
04. Triple Pink
05. Ring of air
06. Snake
07. Come on
08. Piece of-Piss off
09. Lift off

The song was recorded by Magnus Rehnman @ Studio 13, produced and mixed by Rene Meissinger. You can listen to the album at Spotify or just contact them on facebook.

Feedback Freud - Lift off (music video)

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