Hast – Gud är en sjukdom

Hast - Gud är en sjukdom

Gud är en sjukdom

Hast - Gud är en sjukdom

Mastering of the single "Gud är en sjukdom" for the artist Hast, the song is optimized for cd, vinyl and digital platforms.

Hast is a an up and coming artist sprung from the locally known bands "Uppgång och fall" and "Två krig" from Malmö, Sweden. Hast writes melodic though dark songs with a twist of punk with themes that will slap your lifestyle in the face. The music is clearly influenced by the 80s and 90s underground era with artists like Thåström, the Cure, Sällskapet and Joy division. The songtitle translates to "God is a disease" but is really about the dark fate of life and how life can evolve into something darker than predicted.

The single is from the upcoming album "Förlorarens hämnd" (Revenge of the looser). Set to be released as digital release and Vinyl on Gaphals records on the 12th of June. The song also features guest vocals by Karolina Engdahl (True Moon and Vånna inget). Distributed by Sound pollution in Sweden/Denmark, Border in Norway and Supersounds in Finland.

01. Gud är en sjukdom

The song was recorded by Tommy Tift at Studio Motion and you can listen to the single at Spotify or why not contact him at facebook.

Hast - Gud är en sjukdom

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