Tiny Oceans – Waterfalls

Tiny Oceans Waterfalls
Tiny Oceans


Tiny Oceans - Waterfalls

Mastering of the single "Waterfalls" for the solo artist known as "Tiny Oceans", the song is optimized for digital platforms like Spotify, Apple music etc.

"Tiny Oceans" is a solo artist originally from Luleå that now lives in Malmö, Sweden. The brain behind the project is Alina Björkén from the band Könsförrädare. The genre could maybe be presented as norrbotten indie pop (indie pop from the north of sweden).

The song is about fantasies of being part of something greater like being engulfed by a flood or participating in smashing the patriarchy.

01. Waterfalls

The song was recorded by Anton Alamaa themselves at Studio Kråknästet and you can listen to the single at Spotify or why not contact her at facebook.

Tiny Oceans - Waterfalls, BD Pop Sessions

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