Vånna inget – Skuggor/Allt ska bli bra

Vånna inget - Skuggor/Allt ska bli bra
Vånna inget

Skuggor/Allt kommer bli bra

Vånna inget - Skuggor/Allt ska bli bra

Mastering of the "double single"/EP "Skuggor/Allt ska bli bra" for the band Vånna inget. The song was mastered for vinyl, CD and the digital platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple music, Youtube etc.

The Malmö-based punks in Vånna Inget have stood in the front of the scene for several years and despite their frequent touring in Sweden, Europe, USA and Japan new music from the acclaimed band has been conspicuous by its absence. But now the wait is finally over, this spring they are back with the new record "Utopi".

When Vånna Inget now returns with the album "Utopi" it is with the intention to put every heart that happens to come in its way on fire. To avoid Vånna Ingets pulsating melancholic punk will not only be a challenge, but a minor impossibility. A war against their instincts.

The new album shows a more thoughtful Vånna Inget than before, but the one who believes that the band's patented and inimitable nerve and intensity has been lost is totally wrong. Karolina Engdahl, as usual, sings with an imaginary knife against her throat and with her chest surged for the general view, with scarlet texts that cut deep into the soul. The barbed wire fence that always seems to surround Tommy Tift's guitars are sharper than ever before.

01. Skuggor
02. Allt kommer bli bra

The song was recorded and produced by Tommy Tift and you can listen to the single at Spotify or why not check out what they're up to on facebook.

Vånna inget - Skuggor (music video)

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